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No Annual Fees*.

Special Rate for Consultation Fee.

One Card for All Family Members**.

Invitation to free health talks and other activities.

One time free for the following:

•Nutrition Consultation
•Basic Medical Check-up
(After 12-month cycle of membership)

Special Discount or Rate for Health Campaign e.g.:

•Health Screening/Medical Check-up
•Laboratory Services & Procedures

Valid for all Associates Clinic that participates in the programme.

Enjoy Free Personalize Health Profile Programme.

*Limited application and subject to variation by the
Management of the Clinic at its absolute discretion.

**Subject to variation by the Management of the Clinic.

Important Notice / Disclaimer:
The Management shall have absolute rights to vary, amend, replace
and/or terminates the privileges stated above without prior notice to the
card holder.

This notice shall bind and read together with the Terms and Conditions.

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